Being Born Was My Only Crime

Memories of childhood, of youth, of now… why am I continuously being afflicted, scorned, rejected, tormented and an outcast? I was already experiencing it. Why? What was I to learn from pain and suffering? Why was pain and suffering necessary for me? My God, My God, where are Thou?

Why does it cost so much to want what should be natural and free? A human right. What pleasure or reward is there in suffering? Loving parents get no satisfaction from watching their children suffer. How then would God do nothing while watching his creation suffer and he being God is able to stop us from suffering?

We are taught that we humans are less than God, yet, when we are being loving parents, would stop our children from suffering. Something is very wrong with our teaching of God. Was religion simply a slave tactic to control slaves? After doing all that you were taught, praying, fasting, attending church, letting go of worldly things, (smoking, drinking, out partying, etc.), yet trouble continues. It brings you to one conclusion. What have I done? Only one answer.

Born To Lose!


I want to be Wise. I want to be Free. I want to be Real. I want to be Me.

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