Why does it cost so much to want what should be natural and simple. A human right! What pleasure or reward is there in suffering? A parent gets no satisfaction from watching their children suffer. How then would God do nothing while watching his creation suffer and he being God is able to stop us from suffering, yet does nothing.


Thank God this book is not my life experience. The authors life experience jerked my awareness like whiplash in a BAD car wreck! The world can be (and is) a cruel and mean place – how and IF we get through it is a struggle and nothing short of a miracle. Only in hind sight do we learn what words do to us and how words shape our character. I found this book a hard read. I can’t imagine my mother throwing me away to the dogs. I was devastated reading how this child/woman was brought up and how she managed to get on the other side of such an awful existence. Child abuse is a bitch and a bear. Rebekah Right is God’s child!. Thank goodness she found that out. Thank goodness she has shared this to help herself and, no doubt, help others. Rebekah Right is truly a successful WOMAN WARRIOR, a real She-Ro.
Xena1002, Amazon customer
The author, of “Born To Lose”, made many aware personally that many black women have been abused by child molesters and neglected by their mothers. The writer truly inspired me with her story because of her ability to note: “She has been through the Storm and the Rain”. I would certainly recommend that every woman, regardless of color, read and appreciate the author’s brave and extinguished way that she told her story.
D Caldwell, Amazon customer
The book is so inspirational and uplifting. A Powerful message. I strongly recommend reading this book. GOD’S word was truly preached.
Laura Taylor, Amazon customer
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Rebekah Right is a devoted writer and author.


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